Jeju Airest City / 1:15 Scale Modeling

Client / Berjaya Korea, Planning Korea
Location / Irwon, Yerae-dong, Jejudo, Korea

'Jeju Airest City' is a large multi resort in Yerai-dong Seoguipo City Jeju Do, a renowned vacation spot in Korea. In addition to
the largest investment in Korea made by the global resort group, ‘Berhjaya,’ Jeju Airest City won a gold prize in the
‘MIPIM Asia Awards’ in 2012 for its valuable design.
Monocomplex produced 3 models on a scale of 1:15 for 96 units of the ‘Gotjawal Village,’ a residential and commercial building
in the multi resort. At the request of Planning Korea, which considers modeling to be part of art works, we implemented the project.
Monocomplex-designed artifacts laid out inside brought out a sense of density and novelty distinct from conventional models.
Using a range of materials, e.g. wood, acryl and plastic, Monocomplex led the whole project process from drawing, cutting,
binding, color-mixing to coloring.

Jeju Gotjawal Village

Type_Ggac Jip 11A

Type_Ggac Jip 81A

Type_Ggac Jip 81B2