Body Support Project / Chair Study
03.2011 (progress in 2010)

‘Body support project’ is a work emphasizing structural logic, and it is intended to express the understanding about
tensile force and compressive force, which can be called the basics of chair design, as work.

The goal of the project is using the least material, wooden material and string, to make it stand a weight of over 60kg.
Material : 3 10T x 2000 Oregon pine lumber, string

Wooden material cannot be used with excessive amount and also, it cannot be used with a nail. Strings can be used
endlessly as desired, and it should include feasible reason for its use amount, and various types can be chosen according to
the concept. The height of display stand should be able to support the body standing higher than 10cm from the ground.
Through the study process, it can be known that triangular structure is safer than rectangular, and lower safer than higher
place regarding structure. And to use the least amount, it can be learned that utilizing compressive force rather than tensile
force is advantageous.

Composition - Vanishing Point ( Park Hyunwoo)
Using the concept of vanishing point, the chair forms center of mass with one point from three points. Also considering
mobility, it was manufactured so that folding and unfolding would be easy.

Composition - 007 Chair (Cho Jangwon)
Simultaneously to the beginning of the industrial revolution, fast culture such as fast fashion, fast food, and etc started to
accelerate. ‘007chair’ made with the motive of briefcase resembles fast and simple life pattern of modern people, so it
reflects the trend these days called light weighting, mass production, and easy assembly.

Composition - Slimline Frame ( Kim Taemin)
It was intended that 2 frames of static, horizontal, and slim form intersect with 3 dynamic, short and vertical frames so that they
would perilously sit in the minimum space.

Composition - Floating in the Air ( Hwang Eunsang)
The model of swing was the motive. This structure can have emergence expected due to the connection of display stand,
frame, and string.