Kinetic Robot / Metal Stationery Project

Material / Bronze, Kinetic Component
Size / 130(H) x 100(W) x 90(D)

The object applied with the mechanism induces simple behavior to a person. If the same movement is repeated or the
same strength is given for constant time, desired result will come out.
A robot contains strong factor of kidult. There is little difference only in the form and structure, and a robot is a factor
which gives interest and fun to adults to children. Directly manufacturing by combining the 3 objects, pencil sharpener,
lamp, and music box to a robot form added with kidult factor, the kidnetic action of ‘turning’ among simple actions
will be studied.

Pencil sharpening is the principle of sharpening pencil through turning action. Turning the handle, the spiral gear inside
turns and sharpens the pencil, and in the front and back of the gear, there is a fixed axis which holds it.

Composition 01 - Pencil sharpening

Composition 02

Lamp is an object which is connected to electricity and which always has wires, and when not using, the lines are winded
or folded to reduce weight.

Composition 01 - Lamp

Composition 02

Music box is an object which has strong kinetic factor which can gain the result of sounding through the action of turning.
Many gears are engaged and the part engraved in the metal plate makes a sound when it is turned.

Composition - Music Box