J02 / Table & Stool

Material / Wood
Size / Custom Ordered

Client / Jubilee
Location / B2F, 676, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 135-915, Korea

The table and stool are designed for Jubilee, a high-class jewelry salon seated in the Renaissance Hotel in Yeoksam-dong
Gangnam-gu Seoul. The salon boasts of a highly sophisticated interior space based on black and white.
Monocomplex created with new furnishings and ‘Scene#01 Lamp’ the space where the Jubilee staff meets customers. To
generate a placid space in sharp contrast to the black & white showroom, we proposed the wood-based basic table and stool.
The basic table for four is fitted with drawers for keeping diverse documents. For the sake of spatial efficiency, the drawers are
built into the side of the table. The stool top and legs match the table top, rendering those objets consistency.

(Space Designed By Design Quantic)