BAN / Furniture Collection

Material / Mixed Materia

Ban series is a furniture objet which consists of a stool, table, and a shelf. The stool is built from sturdy birch so that books or
laptops can be placed on the comfortable fabric display stand. There is a lid, which is made of red copper, attached to the table
so objects can be stored and it consists of a display stand covered with leather. Additionally, the lower part of the shelf is
finished with leather and the upper part is stainless so various objects can be placed on it. In the same way, the Ban series
displays distinctiveness and applicability which can be expressed through the circular form and various materials applied on
furniture with common shapes and functions.

Ban Furniture Collection

Ban Stool 01

Ban Stool 02

Ban Table 01

Ban Table 02

Ban Shelf 01

Ban Shelf 02